Q: What are the available withdrawal methods?

A: We utilize Skrill to disperse payments. For access to our Skrill FAQ visit Skrill Troubleshooting.

Q: Do you need to stop your stream between multiple contest entries?

A: You do not need to stop your stream between each entry. It is important that you start and finish your entries on the website.

Q: Do I need to set up anything on my twitch account before streaming my entries?

A: You only need to enable Past Broadcasts on your account. On Twitch.tv click on your username in the upper right > Dashboard > Settings > Store Past Broadcasts.

Q: How long does it take to get my money from GamerzArena to skrill?

A: After you have made your withdrawal request on GamerzArena, processing will take 5-7 business days for funds to appear in your Skrill account. If you haven't received it by then, don't hesitate to contact us in #help-is-here in our discord or by emailing [email protected]

Q: My entry hasn't been scored for a long time, how long does it take to be scored?

A: All entries are checked as soon as possible. If there are delays, do not be concerned, they will be scored prior to contests being paid out.

Q: How can I be featured on the #now-live channel?

A: You have to link your twitch account to Discord. If you’re having issues, or if you're a console player message any @Support rank person and we'll add you manually.

Q: What is the difference between a Closed Contest and an Expired Contest

A: A Closed contest is one that has reached the maximum number of Contestants. A closed contest will remain active until the contest has expired (see below). Contestants within a closed contest may continue to re-enter the contest until the window has expired, however users who have not previously entered the contest will not be able to enter. A contest is expired when there is no time remaining. “Time Left To Enter” is the amount of time you have to BEGIN your entry in a contest. Even if you begin your entry with 1 minute on Time Left To Enter, you will get the full allotted entry window. Users cannot enter or re-enter a contest that has expired.

Q: How do I become a GamerzArena Brand Ambassador?

A: We are always looking for passionate members of our community to join us. We built this for you and need your help getting the word out. Our brand ambassadors can be found across the internet, in Twitch on Twitter and anywhere in-between. If you are as passionate as we are, we’d love for you to join us. Apply for our brand ambassador program here: Brand Ambassadors

Q: How do I help recruit users to GamerzArena?

A: Our community has grown and will continue to grow with your help. You can help us by sharing your contest results across social media using one of the many share options across the platform. You can also help us by titling your stream to your corresponding contest and telling people what you’ve been up to. If you want any guidance, reach out to us in our Discord, and to help us grow you can also invite others using this link: https://discord.gg/Pq8UWmM.

Q: How do I select a contest?

A: To see all of our available contests, simply click the Arena tab from any page on the website and you will be taken to a list of all of our available games. For the contest you wish to compete in, select the game title you wish to select from-->Select Enter for the contest you wish to compete and then select Enter Now.

Q: How do I become a GamerzArena Moderator?

A: Moderators are an important part of the community. They are our eyes and ears. They help us monitor the arena and ensure a positive experience for the entire community. If you are passionate about what we’re doing and the community we’re building, please email Supp[email protected], or DM Brian in our Discord. Include your name, email address, and let us know why you’re interested in being a moderator.

Q: How do I sign up for GamerzArena?

A: Click on Sign in or Sign up in the upper right hand corner. If you already have a Twitch account, select Sign in with Twitch. If you do not have a Twitch account, select Create Account with Twitch, create an account with Twitch and come back and sign into the Arena!

Q: How do I enter a contest?

A: In order to enter a contest, you must have your twitch stream enabled. You will then select Enter Now and then Enter Now again on the next screen. Once you have read all of the rules, you can select Start Contest Now.

Q: How do I connect my stream to GamerzArena?

A: You do not need to directly connect your stream to GamerzArena.

Q: How do I re-enter a contest?

A: To re-enter a contest, you will submit your re-entry the same way you did for your initial entry.

Q: How and when can I withdraw a contest entry?

A: You can withdraw a contest entry at any point before your entry has been accepted by GamerzArena.